My Destiny – Part Deux

The last few weeks have been very busy both personally and professionally.

I’m no longer working at Enquiro. It was part of a long realization that search marketing, while interesting, isn’t what I want to do, nor do I think it’s what I’m meant to do with my life. Working remotely since I got back from Ireland at the start of the year had been becoming more and more difficult, and some of the changes at the company were making it even more difficult for me. I wasn’t doing my best work and wasn’t enjoying the work I was doing. Megan and I had already talked about it a bunch and decided on a plan of action before Enquiro and I decided to part ways.

So What Next?

I’m becoming a Realtor. Similar to February 2008, I feel like I’m accepting my destiny in returning to an industry I know very well, focusing on the areas I love (education, working with people) and exploring an industry professionally that I’ve been very involved in.

I’m going to focus my business on first time home buyers, although I expect I’ll also do a fair bit of business with investors as well. Several of my friends recently bought their first homes or first revenue properties and I truly enjoy helping them learn about buying properties, figuring out financing and ensuring they’ll be able to do the things they want with their lives.

Until Then

I’m working essentially full-time on my Realtor courses, but I am taking on a little more freelance SEO and Social Media consulting. I’m spending more time with family, working on renos and enjoying life.

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  • Chris,

    I think you are going to love the step you are taking. It is great to be able to help people and be passionate about what you are doing. I for one am glad I finally took the plunge and became a realtor.

    • A

      Thanks Mark, I’m excited for the change. It’ll be a good ride. Also, great to meet you IRL at the multi-family weekend.