My Belize is in Italy

There’s a market two streets over so as soon as I’m done writing this Megan and I are going to take the kids a go buy some food for the party tomorrow. It’s handy to have a market so close and I’m getting used to buying food every day or two instead of going to Safeway once a week. It’s made both of us feel healthier already and we’ve only been in Genova for two weeks. I’m sure the next 4 months will go quickly though and we’ll be back to Edmonton.

Megan’s spending one day a week helping out a the women’s shelter (which also keeps her doing social work), and we’re doing lots of stuff with the kids. There’s a play group for Will three mornings a week with other three year olds, and you haven’t seen chaos till you’ve seen 20 little Italian toddlers running all over the place. It’s a great place to meet other people and practice our Italian. Then there’s a baby-swimming class we do twice a week with Kaitlyn. It still gives me lots of time to work on helping teach seniors how to use computers. It’s still amazing that people still haven’t caught on to the information age in 2013.

Anyways, we’re going to drive up to Geneva and spend a week skiing with Megan’s mom….hopefully injury free this time 😉
Right now there’s some fresh bread and cheese waiting for us!

I wrote this as part of a visualization exercise at the REIN conference I’m at this weekend. By writing a real "what does it smell/sound/taste like" description of where I want to be (or one version of where I want to be) you’re more able to find a way to achieve your goal than saying: "I want to live in Italy and that’ll take a million dollars, so in five years I need to have a million dollars.

You should really try it some time. The Quickstart has been great thus far and I’ve learned a lot. I’m looking forward to a weekend to relax (and do a little skiing) next weekend…

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