My VIP Birthday

This weekend my parents were on their way through town going to Merritt’s Mountain Fest. A couple weeks before the event Mom suggested I come down for the Friday night as they didn’t particularly want to see any of the acts, and it was going to be my birthday. Sounded good to me, and if I couldn’t spend my birthday with Megan then spending it with my parents is a pretty good backup plan.

Friday at work we moved the office from Landmark IV to Landmark V (just across the parking lot) and I managed to get away a little early. Just before I left I talked to Megan on the phone. She’d not been answering her phone since Thursday, which sometimes freaks me out. When I got hold of her she said she’d forgotten her phone in a friend’s car. I said ‘I thought my parents might have kidnapped you for the weekend’. She said ‘nope’. And away I went to Merritt.

When I arrived at the campsite….Megan was hanging out with my parents. They’d brought her along for the weekend and gave her a flight back. Mountain Fest was amazing, and spending the weekend with Megan and my family was awesome and I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday.

Then Sunday night I signed some papers for my first JV purchase.

What a wicked weekend and a great birthday!

Megan and Me in Kelowna

(WordPress already ate this post once, so this will be a little shorter than I originally planned)

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