My Weekend Wrap-up and More Workshops

This weekend’s marketing workshop was a resounding success. I had 6 fantastic individuals who brought a ton of questions, some great work they’ve already done and a willingness to be challenged, support the other students and learn as much as possible. It was drinking from the firehose of knowledge, but I think we kept it actionable and I switched it up to keep people from choking ;). The feedback thus far has been terrific and people liked the venue and the food, so I’ve booked the same venue again for the July 20th workshop. (Again, to register email chris at chrisdavies dot ca or call 780-905-7562)

I’ve also been busy outside of work and the workshop. The renos I’ve been working on have been going brilliantly well, mostly because I have a great general contractor and some fantastic sub-trades. We’re also substantially under budget, but I’ll hold off on saying more till we’re done and I’m past the landmines.

And the last few weeks have given me some wonderful opportunities to hang out with family and friends. A wedding, my Gran’s 85th birthday, dinners, BBQ’s and a movie (go see Toy Story 3!) have reminded me time and again why moving back from Ireland early was the right decision. It’s also making me excited for the birth of our first child which should be sometime right around Christmas.

I’m going to wrap this post up with a couple more photos, just because I can. We bought a Canon T1i and I’m re-learning how to use a real camera.
My nephew Robbie and I, reading the paper before dinner.
Me and Robbie reading the paper

And two pictures of Beaumaris Lake, not far from my house in Edmonton.



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