Newspapers are Confusing

I’m a big fan of Danielle Millar’s blog. Short entries, good news clips, and a minimum of advertising/self-promotion. She’s also about to have her first child, which has been pretty cool to follow.

She had a good post on Sunday with four seemingly contradictory newspaper articles. She makes a good point, that those of use who are REIN members already know, which is newspapers can be a very skewed source of information. You’ve gotta dig to find out what’s behind the curtian, and find the best sources of information.

The four articles were:

Now one of these things is not like the other…actually two of them. Danielle points out that if you’re only getting your information from one source then you’re going to feel a little lost. You’re also going to get pushed around by sensationalist headlines. Remember, fear, death and destruction sell a lot of papers.

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