One Year Later – Back to CBD Network

Today’s February 11th, and that makes it my one year Enquiroversary. I tried to find a post from back then, but the only thing that makes any sense is a funny video about the subprime crisis.
Besides the admiration of my co-workers and a free lunch, I got a cool present. I had been asked to present (again) at CBD network, a group which helps professionals define their career paths and find employment in the Okanagan valley.

Here’s a copy of my slides, and I’ve put some links below.

CBD Presentation11 Feb09
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Here are some of the links I mentioned during my presentation:

  • The blogging software: WordPress
  • Getting your own domain name ( Netfirms or Godaddy. Both also have one-button installations of WordPress, which is simpler than trying to set it up yourself.
  • Tracking your website: Google Analytics
  • The super-cool book where those graphs came from was Indexed.


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