Playing with Real Estate in the Oil Sands Box

It’s Friday and that makes me happy. It’s going to be a great weekend for me, and there’s a couple more properties I’ve done a cash flow analysis and some due diligence on and have asked my Edmonton team to go check out. Might be a motivated vendor. 😉

Today I’m going to share some more news about Alberta. From people’s comments and some visitor tracking there are a lot of new REIN investors and non-Albertans reading. I’m going to try and explain a little more about why Alberta is a great place to invest, and why Edmonton is one of the Top 10 Alberta Investment Towns. There’s more than just oil sands in this sand box.
Alberta Oilsands Mining
All Albertans know about the oil sands, but it’s important on the international stage too. Here’s the CBC News story on Alberta Oil Sands from January 2006.

Oil companies still hold a lot of swat in Alberta, but they’re not all money hungry capitalists. Imperial Oil is offering to help build services in Fort Mac.

A great program to help foreign workers feel at home in Barrhead, just down the road from Edmonton.

And the State of the West has some interesting observations about the future of the province.

Something I’ve heard from out-of-province investors is they’re investing in Alberta because the economy is diversified, and is continuing to diversify. I’ll be sharing more articles like that in the coming weeks, and writing more about how to get your real estate investing started.

Have a great weekend!


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