Quickstart Live 2008 Real Estate Seminar in Edmonton

I’m going to be there. You’d better be there. It’s the Real Estate Investment Network’s Quickstart Live in Edmonton, November 8th and 9th, 2008.

What this is, in essence, is an expanded and updated version of Real Estate Investing in Canada. Take that book, add in all the tools you need to actually get out buying real estate and put it all on steroids. I went to my first Quickstart in February 2008. I wrote such popular posts as My Belize is in Italy, Credit Where Credit is Due and It Is Your Destiny where I decided to focus this site almost entirely on my real estate investment activities.

What you won’t find at Quickstart is the organizers selling things beyond encouraging membership in REIN (a year of which costs less that most other weekend seminars). Pretty much every other real estate course on the planet is trying to sell more books, courses or actual real estate. I know Don and Russell, and they don’t make any money from their books; the royalties go to Habitat for Humanity. They also both own a large amount of property. I know; I’ve been inside of some of it and they’re sure as hell not going to sell it to you. They don’t need REIN to make a buck. They do this as a labour of love, and the do a damn good job of it.

What do you learn at a REIN Quickstart?

Here it is, straight from the binder and double-checked against the website.

  • New REIN™ Property Scorecard. Know if you’re in the right property, neighborhood, city and country.
  • The Real Estate Money Funnel. The secret to understanding cash flow.
  • Where and What to Buy. Talking about risks and rewards, specific to property types.
  • How To Get The Bank To Say YES. This was just about the most useful part of the weekend for me and brilliant for understanding how banks work. It made my first mortgage approval a slam dunk, and my latest approval possible in the worst of the credit crisis.
  • Self Employed Bank Financing
  • How To Ensure You’re Buying A Great Investment Property (the Goldmine Score Card)
  • 3 Creative Ways To Buy Real Estate, JV Secrets and Tenant Strategies
  • Motivated Vendors
  • The 9 Questions You MUST ask Before Buying Any Property
  • How To Be Known as A Sophisticated Investor
  • Brand New Property Analyzer Form
  • Cash Flow Zone (the 10% Rule)
  • The Top 10 Towns Reports
  • Pro-Active Ownership and Creative Landlording
  • Your Action Plan

What the heck does ‘taking action’ mean?

For me, I took several steps that are important in retrospect.

February: Went to Quickstart in Vancouver. Started getting my magic binder together.

March: Joined REIN, started working on my first deal.

Late March: Wrote my First Offer! (Hinted at it here)

May: Quickstart in Calgary (for free this time!)

June: Mom and Dad enjoyed the fruits of their labours and went to England and France for several weeks.

August: Wrote an offer, had it accepted, started financing. Pushed the closing to Sept 31.

Total time from Quickstart Live to receiving my the first rent from my tenants: 8 Months. And I felt that I took it slowly. I’ve met several REIN members who have done 3 properties in their first 6 months.


Quickstart Live officially costs you $787, but if you use this link you’ll get $200 off (and they’ll bake me a cake). You also get to come to the monthly REIN meeting on the Friday night which is always a good time.

Questions about Quickstart or about REIN?

Drop me an email (chris at chrisdavies.ca), a comment or give me a call.

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  • Kingsley

    Hi Chris,

    I really don;t thinkl it is con-incidence that brought me to this blog of yours. I actually just sent in my application for rein membership today. I currently live in calgary and graduated from the UofA just last year. I will love to connect with you and learn from your experience in real estate investing…! I am just about starting this journey and I believe speaking with folks like you will definitely put me in the right part….If there’s anyway I can contact you personally, please let me know…

    I am looking forward to attending the REIN workshop in calgary on feb 11…that will be my first date with REIN…I dont know what to expect…but I definitely have decided to be an action taker this year and beyond…

    let’s connect…

    • A

      Thanks Kingsley! I’m a UofA alum, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the Calgary meeting on the 11th. It’s a great group of people, and if you’re not already active on myREINspace it’s a great place to ask questions and learn from others.

      I live in Kelowna right now, but I usually will let people know via a blog post when I’m going to head to a meeting. Stay tuned and we’ll go for a drink.