Quickstart Live! and the Song of the Week!

Happy Friday!

First, I’ve confirmed my registration at Real Estate Investment Network’s Quickstart Live! in Calgary, June 7th and 8th. I’ll be posting from Calgary, and taking some video (assuming my new camera arrives in time). If you see me around there, stop by and say hi. 

I’ve been up to my butt in work lately, and closing on a deal. My Mom’s been calling me from France and seeing how much fun they’ve had there is a good motivator for getting my own real estate investing going. I also discovered that a guy I met at cadet camp when I was 13 and played a couple tours with in 1998 and 1999 is a REIN member, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to catch up in Calgary.

 The song of the week is Brick by Ben Folds. I’m sorry for the fairly random images. Ben Folds is a great artist, and this is a great song. Enjoy!


 PS. I can get special Quickstart rates for the first two people to contact me. Email chris at chrisdavies.ca.

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