Raul Midon and Google Chrome

It’s been a fantastic week, and in a couple hours I’m flying to Edmonton and driving to Good Soil (in Saskatchewan) for Megan’s cousin’s wedding.

The last week has been busy but I’ve been loving it. So much stuff that I’ll make a list:

  • I went to the recruitment meeting for Ski Patrol at Big White. I’ve wanted to patrol for years and now I’ll actually have the chance.
  • Megan’s bathroom renovation is done except for baseboards. She’s happy, I’m happy, her roommate is happy. It came out pretty much  on budget, and when my Dad stops by next week I’ll be proud to show him my work. Pictures and a video will follow.
  • I’m in the middle of buying a condo in Edmonton. Closing is at the end of the month, and documents went to the lawyer and my mortgage broker this week. I spent some time on the phone yesterday with Peggy, my broker, who is completely awesome!
  • Google Chrome, a new internet browser came out this week, causing a lot of buzz in the industry I work in. It’s not bad, but there’s still some bugs. You should definitely try it out. And if you’re still using Internet Explorer, go get Firefox and Chrome.

Anyways, this week’s Song of the Week is from Raul Midón, a fantastic guitar player, who also happens to be blind. This is his song Everybody.


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