REIN’s Ontario ACRES Weekend – Toronto April 17-19, 2009

The next REIN ACRES weekend is in Toronto on April 17th, 18th and 19th. The weekend usually costs $787, but if you click here you can get it for $200 off, or $587.

I wish I could go because I’ve met a lot of amazing people on myREINspace who I’d love to get a chance to meet in person. It’s also a great weekend of real estate investing education, and I’m curious to hear a little more detail on the Ontario market.

Why do I bother to keep going to these things when I can?


That’s $2.7 billion and it’s the value of the real estate purchased by REIN members. The purchase cost. As REIN’s nearly 20 years old, there’s a lot of old real estate in that bucket, and the current-value is significantly more. The people I meet at REIN meetings are amazing, and it gave me the confidence I needed to go out and buy my first property in Edmonton.

Anyways, what happens during an ACRES weekend?

There’s the Friday REIN meeting. I tried to liveblog a REIN meeting once, and it was just way too much info. That’s great if you’re going to the meeting, but sad for my computer. There were four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Saturday is all about the macro. Where to buy, evaluating towns, areas, and general factors. There’s a lot about getting financing (getting the banks to say yes) and they briefly touch on JVs.

Sunday is the day you’ll want to have a pen and a calculator. It’s detailed property analysis, and learning how to tell which properties are right. Finding motivated vendors and creative financing strategies. Financing when you’re self-employed. Action strategies.

Here’s how the topics break down (in their words):


Is Your Market Ready To Crash?

The “2009” REIN™ Property Goldmine Scorecard… An Answer to the Question – Has The Canadian Market Peaked or Is There More Profit Available?

The R.E.F. System for Choosing the Best Properties – The 5 Quick and Easy Keys to Immediately Identifying How Much Money a Property Will Put into Your Bank Account.

Where and What To Buy – We’ll tell you specifically, right here in Canada, which cities and towns are the best to invest in today for lowest risk and highest returns.

Eliminate The Credit Crisis Issues! Honest Financing Secrets

How To Get The Bank To Say YES in 2009 & Beyond – Due to the credit crisis, the rules have changed again.

How To Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Mortgages – These secrets alone will be worth 20 times your small tuition for this event. (This strategy has helped me a bunch…to the tune of $2,400 a year!)

Self Employed Bank Financing

How To Ensure You’re Buying A Great Investment Property —  11 fundamental secrets veteran real estate investors use to maximize their results when buying investment property.

3 Creative Ways To Buy Real Estate from today until 2013:

  • The Joint Venture Secrets
  • Turning One Property Into 3 Properties Legally
  • The Hassle Free Tenant Strategy

The Fear Remover Strategy – Fear is good, it keeps you aware; however, it can be debilitating and can hold you back from creating real results.


The Positive Cash Flow Property Ladder – My favorite part! This is deciding property-by-property if it’s a good buy or not. This is how can make money in a recession, and make sure your money is working for you. I wrote a blog post building on this strategy.

Advanced Due Diligence –  There are 11 Due Diligence Questions that you MUST ask before buying any property – if you’re not asking them you are increasing your risk and decreasing your returns.

How To Find Only Motivated Vendors — In 2009, with all of the extra properties for sale, it’s critical to spend your time only with motivated vendors… finding them is key. Discover if foreclosures and tax sales are the answers to finding great deals… or just a big scam in Canada.

The 9 Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying Any Property -You will have in your hands the critical questions that will lead you to finding out the truth on any property.

Spring 2010 Update to Top BC Investment Towns Research – Be prepared for some surprises – no hype, just facts.

How To Be Known as A Sophisticated Investor – AKA your Financing Binder. This one seriously blows people away…I went in to my bank to change my mortgage payments and after reaching into my binder to find an answer to their question, they offered me another loan at a better rate. This one works.

And that’s it. It’s a huge amount of information in one weekend, and I’ve been to them a couple times now. (They’re free if you’re a REIN member.) Like I said before, the weekend usually costs $787, but if you click here you can get it for $200 off, or $587. If you can’t make it out to Toronto, the next one will probably be in Calgary in the spring. You can bookmark this link where they’ll post the next one after Toronto’s done. You can also buy the home study materials, which I have a copy of, and are a great resource.

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  • Looking forward to the Toronto weekend. Should be a great weekend! Maybe you can make it out here to T.O. one day 🙂