Remember – Ranking Reports Coming Soon

Just a quick reminder that the Edmonton and Calgary Winter 2010 rental website ranking reports will be released on the 31st, but only to those who register in advance. There’s one new rental website that performed will in our rankings that I’ve never hear of before. Might be time to move some of your advertising over there.

Go register now and you might also want to signup for RSS updates to get more real estate investing related blog posts (with a little bit of music thrown in).

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  • RE: The Edmonton and Calgary Rental Ranking Report.
    Don Campbell unleashed your report at the Calgary REIN meeting tonight. WOW! Well done!!
    There are sites there we have never heard of!
    P.S. Good luck with your move!
    Deborah Murray & Mike Bradfield, Calgary.
    P.S. Do you recommend we tweet our rental vacancies, as well?

    • A

      Hi Deborah and Mike, glad you liked it! I was surprised to see some of the sites that performed quite well were real newcomers. It’ll be interesting to see the rankings change on the next report.

      As for tweeting vacancies, I generally say yes. If you’re like Wade Fenner and several other people, they’re comfortable associating themselves with their properties and share their links and ads across several sites, on twitter and on Facebook. For some investors it can be great to have a page on your own website for each vacancy and tweet that link. It’s not likely to rank well in the search engines, but it can be a useful part of a holistic online marketing strategy.