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REIN Resources

I don’t think there’s a better education for Canadian real estate investing than that offered by the Real Estate Investment Network. I’ve known some of the founders for a long time, helped manage their investment properties and know they walk the talk. Brent’s been a member since ~2003 and I joined in 2007. I’ve read the books and research reports, done the homestudy programs (ACRE/Quickstart and JV Secrets) and attended a whole lot of the live events. Yes, they’re selling stuff; yes, it costs money; yes, I get a referral fee if you buy something; yes, this stuff really works.

First, I’m a big fan of the basic REIN weekends (now called the ACRES weekend, and formerly Quickstart). It’s the best foundation I’ve seen out there and really gives you the basics to get moving. The basic books do a good job (available from REIN directly or on Amazon here). The advanced home study courses like Joint Venture Secrets and the Multi Family Investing Secrets book are both expensive but worth it. I’ve still got tracks from JV Secrets on my iPod that I listen to weekly.

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