RE/WORK- Rewriting How I Do Business

I became licensed as a REALTOR® at the end of November. I got some systems set up in December and wrote handwritten cards to over a hundred of my friends and associates, then took the second half of December and first half of January off for the birth of my son. Since getting going it took me 34 days to get to 120% of what I now consider to be a full client load and still deliver what I consider to be great service.

It’s time for me to revisit my business plan and make sure I’m ready to deal with what I think is coming.  This book is helping to transform how I run my business, both as a REALTOR® and an investor. Rework is changing how I look at the Real Estate industry, and how I achieve the goals I’ve set for myself and my family.

For the next several weeks I’m going to do shorter posts reflecting on the chapters of Rework. The book itself is a series of very short (1-2 page) stories, making it very readable and utterly brilliant. To quote from one of the reviews (emphasis mine):

Its 270 pages are mostly white space and tangential illustrations;you get about 100 pages here. It doesn’t go into any depth, simply skimming the surface of very many different notions. Nothing here is new, it is 80% common sense and you can read most of it for free on the Signal vs Noise blog.

And yet I highly recommend buying and reading it. It will only take you a few hours and will enrich your business life. Why? Because you are stupid.

Its okay though, I’m stupid too; we are all stupid. We constantly forget what we know; we backslide; we lose courage. We listen to overpaid overfed corporate execs and their ghost-writers and don’t listen to what our sensible grandmothers tell us, and heck those grandmothers would never have let the economy go crunch.

So we need books that remind us what we already know to be true, and reiterate it a distinctive and friendly way so that remember it for a little while longer than normal.

This book does this so well that it sets the benchmark for slapping yourself in the face. Along the way it reminds you that you wasted several hundred dollars on wordy business books that told you what to do and how to do it, by authors who did a 180 a couple of years later.

If you don’t already own it, I’d suggest getting a copy, following my posts and also checking out their Signal Vs Noise blog. You can buy Rework on Amazon in hardcover, paperback or audiobook.

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  • Hmmm…..had never heard of this book until now. Looks like I need to add this to the list. Thanks for the recommendation….and kudos on the hand written card initiative.

    • A

      Thanks Cliff, and sorry for missing the comment till now. The cards were a great start to my business and it’s something I’m trying to keep up with.

  • I bought this book on your recommendation. Haven’t read it yet but if it sucks I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

    Seriously it looks really good…can’t wait to get into it.

    • A

      It’s pretty awesome, and very handy when you’ve gotta kill a couple minutes. Let me know what you think.