This post is part of a series about how to use RSS feeds to simplify you web surfing. The other parts are located here:

Part I: Getting Started with Google Reader

Part II: Using RSS to follow Real Estate Blogs

Part III: Adding News and other fun feeds to your Reader

Now in Part III we’re going to start adding interesting feeds. If you’re interested in investing in Edmonton Real Estate you’ve got to learn about the city, follow the news, and research the economic fundamentals. A great place to start with the news is the CBC website.

What we’re looking for is either the orange and white RSS button, or a link that says RSS. You can usually find these at the bottom of the page. 


CBC happens to have a lot of RSS feeds because it’s a very large site.

 You’re looking for the Regional News section


 Now, you can either click on the RSS button, or add the address right into your reader (we talked about this at the end of Part II of this series).

Let’s click on the orange button for Edmonton.

 Now we’re on a page like this, but we use Google Reader, and not Live Bookmarks.


Click on the menu and select Google and click on “Subscribe Now”

And again, now we’re back to a familiar page. Click on “Add to Google Reader”.


And we’re back to Google Reader!

I suggest checking your reader daily, so you don’t end up with thousands of unread items. You can make things easier by doing two things:

  1. Check the “All Items” tab on a regular basis.


  1. When things get overloaded, pick a couple feeds you don’t care about and click “mark all as read”.

 That’s all! If you’ve already got a reader, or you’ve found some feeds relevant to Alberta real estate investing, or REIN, please leave a comment and I’ll post them from time to time.


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