RSS Readers and A Link Roundup

There a few things I do almost every day, and only once a day. One of them is check my RSS reader for the news. I don’t often click through bookmarks, and now I’m using for more and more of my bookmarks. Anyways, for those of you who don’t currently use RSS feeds, here’s a quick explanation. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically it’s the bare essentials of a web page, made really easy to get. It’s like getting a news story from CBC, without having to go to CBC and seeing the rest of their site. All you get is the text, the pictures, and the links. Really Simple. Most sites have an RSS feed, like mine. It’s that cool orange and white icon on the left side of this page. You add the feed to a reader, like Google Reader, and then all of the feeds get sorted by date/time into one simple page. You should try it. Anyways, here’s what I check out on a regular basis.

That puts about 20-30 things into my reader each day. I can put news stuff into it, but I usually just follow REINspace, CBC, Castanet, and a couple others. Where do you visit on a daily or weekly basis? Do you use an RSS reader? What feeds are in it?

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