Selling Your Apartment Building

The decision to sell an asset like an apartment building is a complicated one. Often owners are looking to move to larger projects, consolidate their portfolio, remove a management headache or simply take profits off the table to enjoy their retirement.

Selling an apartment building requires careful through about pricing, preparing documents and establishing a clear marketing plan. Once you go on the market it’s a balance between maximum exposure and minimum disruption to tenants, managers and owners.

Brent and Chris bring over 40 years of experience and the legacy of three generations of Edmonton real estate experience to help you secure the best offer possible, the simplest closing and the most professional marketing possible.

If you’re interested in selling we’d like the chance to visit your property, sit down and discuss not only how we can help you get the best price and quickest sale, but how you can position your property, tenants and management to maximize your return.

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