Song of the Weekend!

It’s been an exciting week and it’s going to be an exciting weekend!

I had the chance to speak at CBD Network on Wednesday about my career path, my job hunt in Kelowna and my work at Enquiro. I love speaking and the CBD clients and staff made a great audience. My job hunting suggestion for them was to get on Facebook and LinkedIn, and I talked about how to use it as a job/business networking tool. I got an email back Thursday afternoon asking for my slide-deck and letting me know that one client had already taken my advice, and gotten in contact with a couple contacts in their field and has a meeting set up with one of them! I’ve also received emails from two people in the audience saying they enjoyed it. It’s nice to be liked. (Once I clear it with work, I may post my slide-deck here)

The copy of Presentation Zen also showed up today, so I’ll take a flip through it this weekend. (Y’all should check the presentation zen blog)

Thursday I got a new laptop at work and we’re moving offices all day Friday (to the building next door) and then after work I’m heading down to meet my parents at MountianFest in Merrit. They’ve also got some purchase documents for a condo in Edmonton for me to sign. It’s nice to have couriers who also feed me 😉

And Saturday is my birthday. I’m looking forward to spending it with my parents, but I’m more than a little sad Megan’s stuck in Edmonton.

Today’s song of the week is distinctly churchy. It’s Hillsong United’s One Way, a great tune that is a lot of fun to play. I remember playing it at a couple of youth rallies with Anaphora…



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