Speaking of Edmonton’s Black Triangle….

I’m going to be speaking at Rod O’Keefe’s investment club, the Okanagan Millionaire Real Estate Investment Club (or OMREIC, what a name :p), this coming Tuesday night about the realities of investing in Edmonton. I’ll cover the Black Triangle, some good areas, remote-managing and professional property managers.

The event is free, just show up and say ‘hi’.

OMREIC Presentation
7:00 p.m. April 14th, 2009
The Schubert Centre
Vernon, BC, 3505-30th Ave (map)

Also, Brent’s posted the first week of the rental advertising test he’s run, as well as some thoughts on the huge number of options you have. Did you know on Kijiji that after 24 hours your rental ad might be on page 12? That’s insane!

Here’s the graph breaking the test results (week one and two) out by website:

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