Still Rollin’

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve been doing the orientation at CBD Network, which is career management group. Great people, and a very useful program. An amazing number of people have been through their program, and they’ve got contacts with just about every company in the Kelowna area. If you ever move here, definitely take the time to check out their program. You never know what you could be until you try, and they’ve got a way of helping people realize their hidden potential. Cheesy, but true. In the vein of job hunting, someone back in Edmonton told me about a job here with a Neurologist that was office work and a bit of child care. I met someone at CBD who would be perfect for it, but I can’t remember who it was who told me about it. Shoot me an email if you remember. I also ordered a watch from Steep and Cheap and they’ve shipped me two. I emailed them and the got back to me right away with a RMA and a 15% discount code. The funny thing was it’s not good for Steep and Cheap (SAC). Now it makes sense because the stuff on SAC is alway 60% or more, and they don’t make much off it, but I found it pretty funny. (It does work on their sister sites:,,, and Also of note, when I emailed them about the discount code I said:

About the discount code….it’s from Steep and Cheap, but it says it’s not valid for SAC or Whiskey Militia. Or am I on crack?

And they said:

Hey Chris, Thanks for getting back to us, I hope you are not on crack, crack is wack.

Good times. For now it’s back to work on getting Quicken set up and maybe doing some laundry!

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