The 2011 Edmonton Real Estate Discovery Tours!

Last year I helped Brent Davies (my Dad) start a series of tours for investors to help them get familiar with the Edmonton market and the different types of real estate which commonly make good investments. We also used it as a chance to get people out into some of the neighbourhoods that attract attention because they’re cheap, but also present serious risks to investors. (Like the Black Triangle of East Edmonton)

We’re kicking off 2011 with a new tour, covering some of the same topics but in new areas with new houses. We’ve switched to Sunday afternoons to fit people’s schedules a little better and to give us more time for analysis and when someone wants to write an offer.

We meet at a Tim Hortons’ near the properties we’re looking at, usually at 12 noon. Then we chat a bit, head off to look at 2-4 properties and head back for coffee and to look at the numbers. The tours are completely free, but pre-registration is required. You can pre-register by calling Chris (780-905-7562) or Brent (780-297-2810) or by using the contact form.

Here’s the schedule for the first few months of 2011:

  • Feb 13 – Suited Properties
  • Feb 27 – Single Family Homes
  • Mar 13 – West Edmonton Townhomes
  • Mar 27 – New Construction (Does it work for investment?)

We usually get 6-12 people out, so please give us a call as early as possible so we can make sure we’ve picked appropriate properties and we don’t get surprised by 30 people.

Picure Credit: Woody1778

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