The Clothes Make the Man

I’ve been reading the small business feature the Edmonton Journal’s been running for a couple weeks now, and one of the articles caught my eye. My late grandfather used to buy his suits in Hong Kong during business trips. To him it was important to be, and to know he was, the best dressed man in the room. It’s not that important to me, but I definitely recognize the impact your clothing can have. (I’ve also inherited his love of dress shirts with French cuffs.) It’s much better to have a few well chosen nice pieces, rather than a lot of mediocre clothing. The article was about a company called Indochino. In a nutshell they’ve set up some tailors in Shanghai. You measure yourself (or get measured), they send your measurements to Shanghai, and the tailor sends the suit directly to you. I like their stuff, you sure can’t beat the price, and they’ve got a good idea. suit silver gray front.jpg One of their grey suits….. Kyle with city scape.jpg Kyle, one of the founders of Indochino. I’m pretty sure I know where I’m going to buy my next suit….

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