The Key to a Successful Real Estate Investment Group

…is to be a real estate investment group. Period.

That’s really all there is to it. Your group need to be about that one topic and everything you do needs to be aligned to that objective.

REIN’s tagline on the homepage of is:

Discover How, When And Where To Buy
Canadian Positive Cash Flow Real Estate

And that’s it. I can’t really phrase it better than that. I suspect that REIN’s internal mantra is

Educate investors about real estate investing to help them achieve their personal goals.

Where the other real estate investing groups go off the tracks is when they start deviating from reason everyone’s there. We go to workshops to learn about investing in real estate. Not to buy dumbass investments, or to buy a $25,000 mentorship program. We’re there to learn more, and improve ourselves. Anything outside of that is a distraction and not worthy of your time

Consider the difference between Google’s homepage and Yahoo’s hompage. You already know which one is more successful. 

One complex. One simple. 

I hope that Don, Russell and the rest of the REIN team take note. You’re doing an awesome job. Keep focused on the goal.

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  • Navtaj Chandhoke

    Thank you for sharing.But there is more than one way to invest in Real Estate.

    Every one has different way and pace to learn.But I find the apprenticeship or interin is the best.

    My two cents!

    Navtaj Chandhoke
    Over 4141+ Canadian Professional Real Estate Investors to network, support, education and Joint Ventures.

    • A

      Thanks for the comment Navtaj. I agree that close one-on-one mentoring can be very effective, but it can also be a waste of money for the complete newbie.

      I’ve also removed the link from your comment. I get a malware warning when I go there, so you might want to check your site.