Things Tenants Leave: Funny or Scary?

My parents were renovating a property of theirs after a tenant has moved out. You find all sorts of funny things tenants leave, but this was a new one.

Pretty ladies’ garment.

Size 40. Not bust of 40. Size 40.

Which wasn’t that scary until my friend mentioned that it might be for a guy. Call me a prude, but that freaks me out.

Remind me to tell you about the time we found an S&M Dungeon in the basement of one of our houses….

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  • Was it one of you guys that found $50,000 in cash in a furnace? Crazy.

    Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with much in this realm other than a tenant the left me a years supply of shaving cream 🙂

    • I heard about this story. I think from either Don or Russell.

      True story: I knew a guy that found a backpack in a parking lot. He actually drove over it by accident. He got out of the car to see what it was. He opened it up, and turned out that there was over $50,000 in cash in there. He turned it into the police, and it turned out that it belonged to a family who had just immigrated to Canada. They had not deposited the money into the bank yet and had lost the bag. The guy who found the backpack was a hero, and the story was featured in the local newspapers…

    • A

      Hi Wade,

      We have found $1,000 that I know of, and a rifle. We did have a tenant who died with no heirs, and under the mattress we found his bank books….with $120,000 cash in there. It all goes to the government.

      Lots of TV’s and stereo equipment, sporting goods and stuff. Nothing else really good I can think of.


  • Jen I had the same experience except mine was a mattress. I have a picture of it up on my website it is what lead me to start investing in Rent-to-owns instead of multi families.

    to see a pic of the mattress

    • A

      The mattress story is a good one. I’d still like to learn more about RTO, but I’ve never known anyone who has been willing to talk about their closing rate. Sounds good, but I know about more tenants who backout than who complete.

      • Hey Chris,

        Tom and Nick Karadza are two pretty solid guys.
        They are open about sharing their closing rate.
        I was at their office about 2 months ago, and Tom was pretty open and honest about the closing rate.
        Drop him a line, I am sure that he will be able to offer some insight.


        • A

          That’d be great, thanks Neil. I’m going to talk with them next week too, I’ll try to remember to ask them too.

  • Wow Jen,

    That is awful! Human feces?! So far, that takes the cake…

    Can anyone beat that?

  • Haha I can’t think of any funny things that people have left. However I can think of plenty of disgusting things. For example the time I had to remove carpet from a vacated unit. The disgusting part was that the carpet was caked with animal and HUMAN feces! To top it all off I even got fleas from removing the carpet.

    • A

      Yeah, that’s pretty nasty. I think the only thing we’ve had that beats that is dead bodies….had one that didn’t get found for 2 weeks.

  • Now you have to share the story of the S&M Dungeon – on second thought, don’t…

  • Hahahaha I just burst out laughing in this coffee shop and everyone turned and looked at me like I was disturbing them. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Hi Chris,

    Thankfully, I have not had a lot of weird stuff left behind.

    Some of the yuckiest stuff that I have had left behind was garbage. The garbage was left in the garage, and some mice got to it.

    It was disgusting to clean up. Still grosses me out.

    The nicest thing that I have had left behind on more than one occasion was a single bottle of beer in the fridge.

    Hope all is well.