Thirty Days From When You Get Off You Ass

I’ve said before that writing offers is the critical success event in investing. It’s usually about 30 days later when you know for sure if you’ll be able to close on the property. There’s a lot you can do/learn/change in those 30 days.

Part of the reason that writing offers is the critical point is that your lifetime is measured in the amount of time it takes to acquire each piece of property. That clock starts when your offer gets written and accepted. It’s how long each game is. In hockey, you know each game will invariably be at least 60 minutes, in three periods. There might be penalties, time outs, forfeitures, overtime or penalty shots, but the basic form of the game is always the same. You’ll never finish the game unless you start and your success or failure will be apparent 60 minutes of play after the puck drops.

Real Estate Investing (and SEO for that matter) requires that you begin, but you get to practice along the way. Don’t wait until everything is perfect before the launch of your business. You just need some good basics: a little knowledge, a good Realtor, mortgage broker and lawyer.

Don’t try to perfect everything; start playing and learn as you go.

Phrased another way: don’t wait to invest in real estate, invest in real estate and wait.

Photo Credit: RedStamp

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