Use Lego to get JV Partners!

Over the last several weeks I’ve been speaking to potential JV partners. I’ve listened to CD’s, read books, talked to both newbie and successful real estate investors, and they all have different ways of approaching JV partners about investing in real estate together.

At work I’ve also been learning more about making presentations. It’s something I’m interested in because I enjoy public speaking, and I’ve done quite a bit of it with DeMolay. (I was the Provincial Master Councilor of Alberta) Working at a tech company (Search, SEO, SEM, Web 2.0, etc) I get to see, and work with, some of the best presenters in the world. When Nancy Duarte, the designer of Al Gore’s "Inconvient Truth" presentation, put on a webinar, I sent the email around the office and a half-dozen of us chilled out in the board room and watched. She’s also got a great looking book coming out called Slide: Ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations.

She makes a great point that presentations are moving to be more interactive, and we need to grow beyond the projector. She mentions a remarkable presentation given on an iPhone. (At 4:00 in clip 6; and I really want an iPhone)

Think outside the box about your ability to communicate your ideas. For real estate investors, think about how you share your thoughts with those who have the potential to be joint venture partners. Whipping the laptop onto the table isn’t necessarily the best way to do it. Using the default Excel chart formatting isn’t it either. Communicating to your team is the most important thing you’ll do, so make it remarkable (I’ve included some resources below).

So, I’m including a remarkable presentation about Lego. How do you use Lego to get JV partners? Make your story as entertaining as this presentation, because right now I really want to go play with some Lego!

Presentation Resources:

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    I’m going to start including Lego with my stuff. That’s a great idea!

  • Thought this might add a little extra

  • Brilliant post.

    I don’t know if it was a rhetorical question (‘How do you use lego to get jv partners?’). But the following came to mind:

    1. Design a lego house/castle
    2. Put together a set of instructions
    3. Begin to mail the pieces to the potential jv partners in small ordered bundles over a period of a couple of weeks.
    4. With each set include the building instructions up to that point with a mention that more steps will follow.
    5. Once the whole lot have been received send them a postcard saying ‘Fancy building some real estate’ and include a link to a webpage presenting your ideas (inc other presentations etc.)

    Anything with Lego gets my vote…