Using RSS Readers – Part II

This post is part of a series about how to use RSS feeds to simplify you web surfing. The other parts are located here:

Part I: Getting Started with Google Reader

Part II: Using RSS to follow Real Estate Blogs

Part III: Adding News and other fun feeds to your Reader

Welcome to Part II of How to use RSS Readers (for pleasure and profit in real estate)!

In Part I of this three part series on how to use RSS Readers we talked about setting up Google Reader as your RSS reader. Now we’re going to start adding feeds related to, you guessed it, Alberta real estate investing.


The RSS Subscription button on Chris' Edmonton Real Estate BlogWe’re going to start by going to and adding it to your RSS feed. You’re looking for the orange and white RSS feed button, which is usually on the far left or right side of the page.



Clicking on the orange and white RSS button should take you to this page. You can click on the wee button there that says Google.

The syndication feed page on Chris' Edmonton Real Estate Blog


And now we’re almost done. Just click on “Add to Google Reader”!

Click "Add to Google Reader" to add Chris' Edmonton Real Estate Blog RSS


And success! Now you’ve added a feed to your reader.

Here's what Chris' Edmonton Real Estate Blog should look like as an RSS feed in Google Reader

You can also also add other feeds manually or search for feeds by clicking on the “Add subscription” button on the left side of google reader.

 You can add RSS feeds manually in Google Reader by entering the URL here.

And now to read your feeds, just click on "All Items".

In Part III we’re going to go and add some important feeds for those interested in Alberta Real Estate, and some other things I think everyone should find interesting and important.


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