*Your* Edmonton and Calgary 2010 Price Predictions

A couple weeks ago I asked for your predictions around the Edmonton and Calgary real estate markets in 2010. There’s lots of predictions on the national level, but essentially none for individual cities. Here’s what 16 of you thought 2010 will bring for Alberta.

You were more optimistic about Edmonton, most people predicting positive growth between 0-10%. Interestingly the two people who said negative growth also answered no to buying, but one of them was an investor.

Edmonton 2010 Real Estate Price Predictions - 15 people say increase 0-10% - 2 people predict drop of not more than 10%
Calgary 2010 Real Estate Price Predictions - 12 people say increase 0-10% - 3 people predict drop of not more than 10% and one person says a drop of 10-20%

The majority of people are planning to buy more this year. Of those who said they’re not looking to buy 3 of the 7 said they were investors. All of those who are planning to buy more real estate said they’re investors.

Almost 60% of respondents are planning to buy this year

This is an real estate investing blog, so we’d expect most of the respondents to be investors. There were still 25% who aren’t investors, but that includes two prominent ‘bubble bloggers’. On balance I’m just flattered they read my blog and took the time to respond.

75% of respondents are real estate investors

I’m sure people have more specific predictions or thoughts on what 2010 will bring, and I’m going to leave the survey open for more people’s predictions.

Prices are up, interest rates are changing, CREA and the competition bureau are going head to head (and CREA will lose), inflation is kicking up and the US Economy is all over the place.

I’m buying. Why aren’t you?

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