Your July 15th Event Roundup

There’s four great things going on over the next couple months, three of which are free!

  1. Tonight is the first of Brent’s Edmonton Investment Real Estate Discovery Tours. He’s doing free no-obligation tours of investment properties in Edmonton to help investors understand the different opportunities and landmines that go along with different types of properties. It’s happening the next several Thursday nights, and they’re doing multi-family this week. I’ll try to make some of the other ones in the future, but I’m helping a friend reno his house tonight :).
  2. I ended up with a pass for two people to come to a REIN monthly meeting (usually members only or $150 each for a guest pass). The next regular meeting is September 15th (calendar here) so let me know if you’re interested.
  3. There’s a REIN fieldtrip on August 27th which is mostly members only, although there may be some space for guests. Then on the Saturday and Sunday is a multi-family real estate investing workshop, which looks absolutely brilliant. I’m going to miss the Saturday due to a wedding but I might try and make the Sunday. I know there’s a lot of people flying in from out of town and it’s already getting full.
    The Courtyard Marriott Hotel is offering to our participants a discounted rate of $119 per night per person (via email from REIN).

    These special rates, plus applicable taxes, are available to you during your training dates. Make sure you take advantage of this offer and book your reservations early as the booking deadline is August 1, 2010. All participants will be responsible for arranging and confirming their own reservations, which you will be able to do through the Courtyard Marriott Hotel Reservation Department. All reservations will be made individually through the hotel’s reservation Department. You must share that you are with THE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT NETWORK in order to receive the reduced room rate.

    Hotel’s Website: Courtyard Marriott Hotel
    Toll Free Reservation #: 1-866-441-7591
    Local Telephone #: 780-423-9999
    Check In/Out Times: 3:00 pm / 12:00 pm

    Important Note: The reservation cutoff date is Sunday August 1, 2010. Please make sure to book your rooms prior to this date as we have only a limited number of rooms on hold. Reservations made after this date are subject to availability and may not qualify for special event pricing.

  4. And finally, I had a great time at the Edmonton Revenue Property Investors Assocation last Tuesday. They meet the second Tuesday of the month, so go check them out!

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