10 Great Articles on Real Estate from ChrisDavies.ca

Here’s a list of the most popular posts thus far on my blog:

  1. Edmonton Real Estate Prices Since 1962
    This post was the undisupted winner, grabbing ~800 views in the first couple days and links from several other sites. 
  2. Six Steps to Finding Cashflow Creek
    This was one of my favorite posts to write because of the great feedback I got. I know of atleast two cases where people tried using this method to screen properties and ended up buying the properties they found. I also helped convert several people to firefox, which also makes me happy.  
  3. Benjamin Tal on Canada’s Economy and Real Estate
    Originally with a video, now it’s just my notes on the presentation by Ben Tal at the July 2008 REIN Meeting. I love hearing Ben speak, and he’s as bang on as any economist can be.  
  4. Top 10 Alberta Investment Towns
    REIN’s list of the Top 10 Towns to Invest In is always a popular topic, and this post was no different.  
  5. More Fun with Stats- Monthly Edmonton Statistics
    This was the followup to my #1 post, and it’s got a sliding chart similar to what you may have seen on Google Finance.  
  6. What to do with dead tenants (Also known as “Got Dead People?)
    I think the title says it all. What it dosen’t tell you is how many people have emailed me or come up to me at a REIN meeting to comment about it, or to ask advice with their own suicide/death/murder issue (as they said in Demolition Man, MDK-MurderDeathKill)  
  7. What will Alberta be like in 2010 for Real Estate?
    This was a guest post from Thomas Beyer, and generated some good discussion. Maybe it’s time for some more predictions from Thomas… 
  8. My Belize is in Italy
    The reason I invest in Real Estate, articulated as a fictional blog post from the future. I did this as an exercise at the February 2008 ACRE weekend in Vancouver.  
  9. Where to Advertise your Properties (and some traffic tips)
    A resource for investors looking to advertise vacancies. I’ve updated it a couple times with more sites, and I put some traffic statistics too.  
  10. The Black Triangle of East Edmonton Eats New Investors
    This was a guest post by Brent Davies, and I’ve heard from more than one investor they were saved from buying a hell-hole by reading it. Just like a ski hill, some areas are marked with a black diamond – experts only – and the Black Trangle is one of them.  

I startred tracking this blog somewhere around the 25th of January 2008, and it’s been gratifying to see how it’s grown. If you’ve got any ideas for new topics, questions or suggestions, please leave a comment or drop me an email. 

Thanks for reading!

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