17 Places to Learn SEO Online for Free

I get a lot of questions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and internet marketing in general. This past week I had the same question from two people within a day of each other. Where do I go to learn the basics of SEO?

Here are some great resources, blogs and videos. These are all free tools, but there are also a couple great paid courses you can take. DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR A COURSE FROM AN INTERNET GURU. I will come and find you, beat you silly and stuff your cheque book up your nose. There are lots of free resources, and very few courses actually worth paying for.

Here’s some places to get your SEO education started:

1. Google’s Free SEO 101 Guide (PDF)

2. SEOmoz’s Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

3. Stony Degeyter’s 15-Part Series called Everything You Need to Know About SEO

Probably the best way to learn and keep current on SEO is by reading some industry leading blogs.

4. Search Engine Land – Danny Sullivan’s home. Great content.

5. Search Engine Watch – I find the site a little confusing, but great content.

6. Search Engine Guide – SEO info with a puppy. Everyone loves a puppy!

7. SEOmoz – A site full of awesome. Amazing community, great blog and a white board talk every Friday.

8. Outspoken Media – A little mouthy at time, but brilliant and very, very readable.

9. Occams’ Razor (Web Analytics)

10. The Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel. Helpful, and to the point.

Blogs I’ve written for:

11. MarketingJive – Jody’s SEO, social media and analytics blog.

12. Web Analytics World – Manoj is the king of web analytics.

13. Ask Enquiro – B2B focused online marketing blog.

Paid Courses and Certifications

14. Google Analytics Individual Qualification and Conversion University – Not SEO, but I think Web Analytics is hugely important.

15. Google AdWords Professional Certifications – Not SEO, but if you’re messing around with SEO, you need to learn about AdWords.

16. Market Motive – I think this is the best training out there right now. It’s a little expensive, but the faculty is great and I’ve heard the content is excellent.

17. SEMPO Institute – I’ve taken their Insider’s Guide, which isn’t bad for ~$400 US.

18. My workshops, which are inexpensive, small and personal. That’s all the plugging I’ll do.

There’s a lot of great info out there, and a lot of crap. These resources will keep you on the straight and narrow, and avoid useless or dangerous advice.

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