A REIN Weekend in Calgary

I’m heading off to cow-town later this morning for the Calgary REIN meeting tonight and then the Advanced Landlording and Investing Fundamentals Expo on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll actually be heading back to Edmonton on Saturday night since I have to go jump of a ski lift for Ski Patrol training.

Brent Davies Real Estate will have a booth there, and I’ll be helping to staff it. Stop by and say hi. If you ask nicely, I’ll show you the other pics from the bowling ball house.

And finally, here’s your song of the week. It’s called the Spectrum Song, and was originally done by Disney as part of a 1961 NBC show called The Wonderful World of Colour. (The Wikipedia article on it is really quite good.) I first heard it when I was playing with Ben Nevis Pipe Band, and a friend was addicted to it, so it might get stuck in your head.

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