An Absolutely Shocking Headline!

I almost fell over when I innocently opened my Google Finance to take my weekly peek at the portfolio (which only consists of COGT, WNP and KO), and the featured article was from the Globe and Mail’s It was about the new employment statistics, and it has a headline that’s pretty rare these days. (And more honest than most)

Cheer up: Canada’s in good shape

How awesome is that. It’s about bloody time we had a headline that wasn’t blatent fear-mongering, and was a little more realistic. And it actually opens with a great line:

The worst economic crisis of a lifetime? Maybe if you were born in 1992.

That’s brilliant. My family’s had real estate since the 70’s, and there’s nothing that scary right now. I’m still in a buying mode, and now’s a great time to buy smart investment properties in Edmonton.

Kerry Diotte from the Edmonton Sun had a string of positive articles this fall that were quite good too.

Now it’s time to relax, have a cup of tea and watch a little TV. I had a long, hard day up at Big White. 😉

PS. Of course the other headlines on the finance page were classic fear headlines. Why? Good scary headlines get lots of readers.

  • 70700 more full-time jobs vanish
  • Unemployment rises fastest in Alberta
  • TSX down as job losses mount
  • Teck slashes work force in debt battle

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  • A

    Hi Mark,

    I don’t disagree that there’s some concerning events, and that they’re newsworthy. My issue is that even the best reporters and publishers put more of a negative slant on the issues because it increases readership. The positive news and trends don’t receive as much coverage. That’s one of the reasons I’m involved with REIN; there is more discussion of impartial news, and a little bit of positive to counter the unending negative.

  • Mark Wells

    Hey Chris, thing is all those scary headlines are true, and they are newsworthy events. That’s what newspapers do. They report true, newsworthy events. Are people scared? Of course. And there’s plenty of good reason for it. Is it armageddon? No. Is it as sunny as it was in 2007? No, certainly not.