Christmas Gift Baskets

I buy my customers Christmas presents. Nothing, big, just a basket of goodies, but something to make them feel good.

The real point of writing about this is to tell you about two amazing groups of young women, one in Calgary and one in Toronto. Both have started a small business supplying baskets for real estate investors to give to their tenants. I just bought one when I was in Edmonton a couple weeks ago. In Alberta, it’s Little Helpers, and Kaitlyn and Alyssa Steel running the show. They’re 12 and 13, and they take their profits from selling these baskets and use it to buy real estate. I bought one of their small Christmas gift baskets for my tenants. I thought it’d pretty cool, and I’ll be buying their stuff more in the future.

There’s a similar company in Toronto called T-Kid Baskets, run by Daren and Leila. Both companies have a REIN connection through parents, but as far as I can tell, Little Helpers is 99% the girls running it. It’s pretty awesome, and they know their stuff.

If you’re looking for stuff for your tenants, check them out. I’m also a big fan of Amazon Gift Cards.

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