Free Edmonton Investment Property Tours

Brent and I were chatting about the proliferation of courses, groups and courses out there for real estate investing and realized that there’s a lack of education that uses real properties.

What we’ve come up with is essentially a mini-field trip, giving people a chance to get together, go look at some currently listed properties and discuss the benefits of various neighbourhoods, property types and how to write offers. You can download the signup form here.

Here’s the post from Brent’s site:

We’re offering a free service to walk new investors through the process of finding, evaluating and purchasing real properties in Edmonton.

Come and visit actual listings and learn the secret to evaluating neighbourhoods, property selection, due diligence, cash flow analysis, budgeting for reno’s and flips, and writing/presenting offers with no fear, and no obligations. Discover the money makers to watch for and the landmines to walk away from.

Download the registration form here.

Join us to tour and discuss real properties:

June 17th, Townhouses
June 24th, Single Family Homes
July 7th, Suited Properties
July 15th, Multi-Family
July 22nd, Condos, Suites & the LRT

Each night will follow the same format:
6:30 p.m. Meet other investors, review the property type and neighbourhoods
7:00 – 8:30 Tour selected properties
8:30-9:30 Review the properties, analyze the numbers and write an offer.

To reserve your spot, email, fax this form (PDF) to 780-484-3018 or call Brent at 780-297-2810

I’m going to miss the first one, but I’ll be at the rest of ’em!

Picure Credit: Woody1778

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