Great Threads – May 7/09

One of the websites I check daily is myREINspace, which is the forums for the real estate investment network. I’m going to start sharing some of what I think are the best posts, and give some of you a little peek into the members side.

Public Forums: General Discussion

Objections & Overcoming Objections specific to Real Estate Joint Ventures The makings of a great thread on the free side! There’s lots of fear, but lots of money to be had.

When the Fire Marshall calls to inspect your properties… Making some best-practices for dealing with city officials.

Micheal Greenwood Someone really doesn’t like their tenant. I’m not sure how I feel about this post, but there it is.

GST Payable on Multifamily Purchase Watch out for the tax man!

How to get started (Using your HELOC (or some real cash ..)Another good resource from Thomas Beyer.

Experience with lowering monthly mortgage paymentOne man’s experience dealing with the banks…and banking officials who are a little clueless. You should also check out the discussion on risk I discussed in my post last week.

Wade Fenner’s course in Calgary Anyone going? It’s great to share knowledge and experiences. There’s  a lot of crap programs out there.

Real Estate Discussion

(There’s usually a lot of overlap between the General and RE sections, but most of us just hit ‘new posts’ anyways)

Apartment bldgs – BC vs. Alberta Is one province better than the other?

Tenant screening tips (?) Creating a “must-do” in screening tenants

Week #2 internet rental ad results Brent’s results from week two, with some good responses from REIN members.
When are you too levered ? Thoughts on Leverage, interest rates and risk

Economic Fundmentals/News

Inventory of Alberta Major Projects – April 2009

Red Deer financial data 2008 Financial Audit

U.S. Commercial Mortgages next bomb to hit!Is this the next global economic tsunami?

Members’ Only Sections

Coffee Shop

Blogs – A followup to our twitter discussion

2nd Golf day for Ontario REIN

Freelance Writer(s) Wanted Canadian Real Estate Magazine Job Opening

Looking for long term price graphs

Business Plan? Are people asking for too much?

Property Goldmine Score Card

REIN ECONOMI SUMMIT – JUNE 26 – 27 – 28Ontario REIN memebers making the trip to Alberta…

Calgary historical market analysis 40 year info on the Calgary market + a little something special

Ask an Expert

Asbestors Issues A real concern .. or just common ?

Property Management problems! Is it me or them? One woman’s problems with an Edmonton property management company.

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