How Much Traffic Did My Blog Get In 2009?

I believe in sharing and teaching. There’s a lot of people in the real estate space and the internet marketing space who are just starting out or who have questions about what I do. In the spirit of sharing, here’s my second annual post of blog traffic stats. I was also fairly inspired by SEOmoz’s post of  their stats and lessons learned.

I don’t really do any SEO work on this side, except for picking WordPress as a base and using Thesis for the theme. I just try to write great posts and I comment on other great blogs that I read.

I don’t get insane traffic, but I do think I’ve had pretty good results. The last year didn’t always leave a lot of time for blogging. I got married, moved twice, spent four months in Ireland, left a job and returned to it. I still managed to write a fair bit and more people than ever are reading it.

Visitors and the number of visits are both up ~90% YoY.

Traffic from search engines is up, although 2009 has been a wonky year. This is due to a) not enough blogging and b) showing up for some weird queries which skewed the numbers. Overall I’m happy for now.

And people last year liked the top-posts bit.

Links to the most popular posts of 2009 (by visits):

  1. What will Alberta be like in 2010 for Real Estate?
  2. Edmonton Real Estate Prices Since 1962
  3. Canadian Rental Website Rankings – June 2009
  4. Canada Loses 129,000 Jobs
  5. Problem Tenants in Ontario

Email and RSS subscribers are possibly the most important visitors to my site because they care enough to subscribe to everything I publish. This one’s been a strong trend since I started writing and it makes me happy.

Some of the important metrics for a blog that I didn’t mention include:

  • Comments per post
  • Post frequency
  • Links
  • Site usage metrics

Anyways, that’s the 2009 in review for my blog.

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  • Great work Chris I really enjoy your blog and I am looking forward to seeing you 2010 numbers. I am trying to catch you on Alexa 🙂 one of my 2010 goals. The best part is I like that you keep moving the bar for me.