I’ve been everywhere….

Since my last post Megan and I have been back and forth to Edmonton, and I’m glad I don’t have to do any more 10 hour drives for a while. It’s been 2700km since the start of the month.

My laptop is still being a pain, so tomorrow I’m going to do a system restore back to the factory settings and see if that will fix the rest of my problems. It means re-installing all my software, but such is life. The other option is dropping $1500 or so on a new computer. For now I can (mostly) surf the net, and there is hope for my computer.

The week spent in Edmonton was great, but so busy. We looked at possible venues for the wedding reception, had a party, 3 family/friend dinners, a party at my place, a night out at the Ranch (a country bar), saw some rodeo, went to 3 lunches out, 2 church things, 1 movie night, and a partriage in a pear tree. Busy and a half. It was nice to see so many of our friends, and Megan’s mom coordinated a surprise family dinner for both sides of the family (except for my parents being out of the country).

I’ll explain the job situation, since several people have asked. I’ve had several interviews and a couple offers. They were either pretty pedestrian or decently interesting but pay less than Tim Horton’s. (No, I did not apply at Timmy’s) I’m going to do the program at CBD Networking, which is basically a professional-level placement and networking company, with a dash of head-hunter thrown in. They’re amazing people with a great program, and I’m looking forward to being challenged, as well as being encouraged to develop my career goals.

Beyond that, I’m excited for having time to relax with Megan (we brought Finding Nemo from home!), and the ski season at Silver Star and Big White opens on the 22nd!


(I’m sorry about the lack of a spell-check, that’s another one of the things I can’t do on my computer right now)

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