New Rental Website Ranking Reports

This week we’ll be releasing new reports detailing the best rental websites for Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and for the first time ever, Vancouver.

It’s been about three months since the last release, and there’s been some movement. As I expected, the top few players have generally stayed the same, while the pack ranking between 3 and 10 have shuffled around. There’s been one huge change in Toronto’s rankings and at least one other surprise, where one site is posting it’s listings on a few others. This is giving their advertisers a bit of a lift, but it’s not a tactic the search engines like, so I expect it’ll start to pull them down in a few months.

There’s been a bit of movement in keyword popularity, which has effected some of the rankings in our report and we’ll discuss that as we release the reports. They’re in a new, more streamlined format, so if you’d like more background the preamble to the Winter 2010 Edmonton Ranking Report is a good read.

The schedule for the week will be:

Tuesday – Vancouver

Wednesday – Toronto

Thursday – Edmonton

Friday – Calgary

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Photo Credit: Kevinzhengli

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